Turtle Island Group LLC

Social Entrepreneurship

It has been said that there is nothing as powerful as a new idea in the hands of a first-class entrepreneur…

Entrepreneurs are passionate, venturesome people who boldly undertake innovative strategies and tactics to achieve a business goal and the creation of wealth.

They are unafraid of obstacles and defiant in the face of setback. Their unyielding belief in what is possible drives them to create fresh ways of doing things that change the face of business – redefining an industry or a long-standing protocol.

Social entrepreneurs are cause driven; their business goals are less about material profits and more about solving social problems or effecting social change. Their passions are focused on economic opportunity, social justice, community welfare, conservation, preservation, access to arts and education.

Social entrepreneurs identify something in their community that needs fixing, they take responsibility for that problem, they invent transformative new systems and tactics, implement them in cost effective ways, solve the problem and make the world a better place. When their strategy is perfected, they scale it up and extend the benefits to others.

The successful social entrepreneur incorporates for-profit business principles to enhance stability and sustainability:

  • vision and an unwavering resolve to achieve it
  • zeal bordering on obsession
  • realistic strategies for practical implementation
  • efficient, innovative deployment of labor, capital, intelligence and creativity
  • discipline and persistence
  • outcome metrics to measure progress
  • diversified revenue streams that ensure enduring results.